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{February 20, 2021}   Vegan Indian…and in my neighborhood!

February of last year, 2020, in case you were hoping you just skipped it! a restaurant opened near us, and oh boy was I excited! Vegan and Indian food! What?! Bombay Food Junkies started as a 100% vegan food truck in St Louis! What are the odds? And lucky for me, a brick and mortar store…right near us!

We have ordered take out from them a few times, the dining room was closed, just like so many places, and the food was good. Tonight, we got to eat in! Wah to the hoo! It’s been great the way the counties and cities are opening back up, social distancing, of course and Bombay Food Junkies was no different.

I’ve told you this before, the things I love about eating at a vegan restaurant is never having to ask if something has dairy in it or where it’s cooked! The only things I need to ask…What do you recommend? And is it spicy? The first is easy, people who work at or own the restaurant have opinions. Sometimes they haven’t eaten everything, so they can’t always tell me, but I can usually get a good idea of what to order. The second, not so easy, we’ve talked about this before, when people say it’s not too spicy, that usually means no good for me. Indian food is really tricky, a food known for its fragrant spices and I do mean spices! Well, I should say spicy! And, because it’s Indian food, when I ask…well, you can imagine. I am always hopeful! There was an Indian restaurant in Atlanta that really listened and understood!

Tonight, what we ordered was delicious, even though everything had a kick, good thing they left a full bottle of water on the table! We’ve tried different things every time, this time we ordered falafel with a small hummus sauce, yum, fried cauliflower bites with a creamy mint sauce, veg manchurian with a soy-ginger glaze, and butter chick’n bowl with fried rice and garlic naan. [All these links are for other sites/recipes and by the looks of it, I may be trying some of these out, but…that won’t stop me from ordering from Bombay Food Junkies!]

The food was tasty and not too much! Three appetizers and one main dish that we shared, perfect! I will say that I went through about two bottles of water, but very much worth it! I keep checking things off the list to try, what’s next? I haven’t quite made it to dessert yet!


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