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{May 12, 2016}   An apple for the teacher

First, sincerest apologies for not posting last night, apparently, I fell asleep in the middle of posting and then woke up at 6am, apparently I was tired.

That being said…Today, I had a great “teacher moment”.

Yesterday and today I had a class of Managers learning the new system. We had a great time yesterday, they warmed up, got into the material and the application, relaxed and we had a great time, have to, we were going to be together for two days.

I opened with some bad jokes, well, I say opened, it was really the few minutes before class started, we can’t start early. I teased and engaged with the class as I always do and feel you need to. One of the guys in the class had an apple and I teased him, asking if he brought enough for the class, stuff like that. Everyone was a really good sport.

Well, today, one student brought a box of little strudels and lollipops for us to give out later in the day, she knew we’d need a pick me up later in the day.I ended up giving them out for right answers and people were clamoring to get them! So cool!

Another student brought pastries from a Mexican bakery, this was great! And finally, the student I teased about the apple…brought two apples for the teachers! How cool is that! I really was touched. I have it sitting on the nightstand. Am I going to eat it? You bet your sweet bippie!

I can’t wait to see what next week brings!




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