Peaches Prattlings

{May 27, 2017}   Just another day…

Its Friday here in Hawaii and I’m home. Sigh.

The day started too early, as it does when I come home. Asleep at 1am, up at 4am, nope, back to sleep, up at 5am, snuggle and catch up, then reality. 

I made a quick breakfast, then PSM left for work and I opened my laptop. I worked for a few hours and then had to reboot my pc, so that was a good excuse to sit in the hammock and take some pics. I posted on Facebook a few photos and that I came up with a title for a book “My Life Doesn’t Suck!” 

Then it was back to work for a few hours, PSM came home, we chilled out, then mani/pedis for two and dinner at a new place, Eating House, the food was good.  Grilled Brussel Sprouts and cauliflower with pine nuts, the raisins cut the bitterness of the brussel sprouts,  PSM had tomato bisque.

Dinner was grilled tofu rice bowl with bok choy, onions and mushrooms for me and fried chicken on goat cheese polenta with asparagus. The asparagus and goat cheese polenta, wow! 

We ended the meal with malasadas with caramel sauce and a bite of frozen yogurt for PSM.  

Home for a movie… let’s see how long we last!

How did this happen? Where did the time go?

Today I posted on FaceBook about remembering who I was with and where when I saw Star Wars for the first time. I was with AS at the New Dorp Theather on Staten Island. Her response? “How can it be 40 years, I’m only 26!” Feels that way, doesn’t it?

Star Wars meant so much to so many of us. For some it’s Star Wars vs Star Trek, some feel it’s one or the other, like Beatles vs Stones. For someone like me, it’s both Star Wars and Star Trek. I have vivid memories of both.

Star Wars was revolutionary, inspirational, opened a whole new generation up to the world of science fiction and what could be possible. We had action figures, parties, costumes, games, stories, stars in our eyes. I’m sorry folks, I had a crush on Luke Skywalker, yes, I know he was whiny, but he was fabulous and I was crushing! I am definitely not discounting Han Solo, by any means and how much did Princess Leia make us realize women could be that bad-a$$ and how many of us strapped donuts to the sides of our heads or hoped our braids could be long enough to put into those buns on the sides of our heads!

We wanted more, couldn’t wait until V and VI. We introduce our kids to it when they’re young, have to raise ’em right! We own them and still feel compelled to watch them when they come on tv. I protected my little sister when we saw Return of the Jedi, Darth Vadar scared her, we were at the movie theater at the Staten Island Mall, I don’t know if she remembers, but I do. Same sister said, when I got divorced, I couldn’t date anyone younger than 25, I was 36 at the time, I said they had to have been born the same year or before Star Wars!

This was such an impact on my life, and so many others, many of my friends, we still get giddy when we think and talk about it and who doesn’t make the sound when pretending to fight with light sabers? A whole new generation is discovering, think about all we can share with them?

40 years? It’s been 40 years and it feels like yesterday. Hmmm…wonder what I’ll watch on my flights tonight!

Happy 40 years Star Wars and my fellow Star Wars fan family!


{April 6, 2017}   North by Northwest 

I love this movie! Especially on the big screen! That’s just what I did tonight! 

I saw it posted somewhere as part of Fathom Events that it was gong to be on the big screen and I knew I was going! 
I was at dinner with WIS, asked if she was interested, she was as excited as me and away we went!

So much fun! I love old or classic movies, I watch them all the time on tv or my laptop or iPad, but the opportunity to see it on the big screen, love!

This happens to be one of my favorites and it’s been a while since I’ve seen it, I had forgotten just how fabulous it was. Funny, clever, suspenseful, silly. The costumes, the dialogue, the star power. 

If you don’t know the story, let’s just say mistaken identity, espionage, love, sex, action, adventure, murder.  I think that about covers it! 

I love looking for Alfred Hitchcock in the movie, he was one of the first directors to put themselves in their movies and sometimes you really have to look for him. 

I love marveling at the costumes and the fashion and there was a scene in New York City with people pushing and shoving trying to get to work or home, nothing’s changed, huh! Then we were in Chicago, how fun was it to be in Chicago watching it, ‘ Where is this?’ ‘Is that still there?’

To settle into the seat and see it come to life on the big screen… fabulous! What’s next?

{October 25, 2016}   This is my dance space

I really had nothing more than a desire to post this image. 

Dirty Dancing popped into my head with this image and quote. 


“Look,  spaghetti arms. This is my dance space. This is your dance spans space. I don’t go into yours, you don’t go into mine.”

That’s a different story.

I don’t know why that is. I’ve watched football games, you know I’ve even been to professional football games, but I don’t follow what’s happening half the time, it happens. I have to live with it and I’m ok with it

Now,  football movies,  that’s another story.  Well, it’s the movie itself, but I can follow some of the game and I like watching the games,  I even root and get excited.  Go figure.

Some are silly,  funny,  others touching,  serious or sad.

The other day I watched Invincible,  I la la la love that movie! Tonight was Necessary Roughness. Who knows, maybe tomorrow it will be The Replacements.

There are some I still want to see, Any given Sunday and Draft Day,  among others. 

Any recommendations?


They said more snow and they were right.  Pook.

I went to sleep and the snow was mostly melted and I woke up to…you guessed it…more snow! And at 10pm it’s still snowing. There have been a lot of memes about Mother Nature being bipolar and off her needs, sounds about right, right? Hmmm…what does tomorrow hold?

I think I’ve told you I’m ripping my movie collection and it’s been great,  remembering my babies and ice been watching them here and there, a nice break from Netflix. As I rip,  I want to watch everything!

Then, I got a phone call, the kind that I love! -“Hi Auntie J!”
-Hi MGS!
– “Guess what! I lost my tooth!”
-“Thank you for my tooth fairy pillow! I really like it!”
– I’m so glad,  I loved making it.
-“When we go on vacation, will you bring things to teach me to sew?”
-I would love that! I’ll definitely bring sewing supplies with me.
-“Ok, I’m turning you back to mommy, bye”
-Bye, I love you
-I love you too
End of conversation.

Now I sit here, ripping and watching movies, cross stitching and loving on the furry beasts. Sounds good,  who wants to join me?


{December 13, 2015}   Movie nostalgia

I want to watch them all!!

This has happened before. Wow,  it sounds like a problem!

I was making a spreadsheet of the movies on my portable hard drive,  after moving them around and I got nostalgic for them.  I wanted to watch them all..and all at once!

War Games, The Expendables, RED, Star Wars, The Philadelphia Story, Holiday, Born Yesterday [birth versions], the list goes on and on.

I so love movies! I used to want to make movie trailers for a living,  I suppose part of me still does. I suppose I could,  who knows. 

For now,  I’ll just watch them all and sigh and enjoy myself.  That sounds good to me,  right?


A shooting near my location.

I would love to say I have never been in this situation before, but years ago and I mean years ago, there was a shooting in the office complex I worked in in Atlanta. There was a day trader who went a little coo-coo and decided to shoot up the offices he was associated with in the next building. Those of us in the building were forced to stay until about 9pm when he was finally apprehended, shot and killed himself, and of course, we were huddled near the front door of the office because the building was glass. A little unsettling.

Today, there was a shooting at the hospital across the way from where I was at a doctor’s appointment. I am sitting in the waiting room with about ten other people, The View was on [I was playing on my phone] and all of a sudden, we are watching the news…a late breaking news story to be exact. A lone gunman had shot a doctor at the hospital, basically across the street, you could hear the helicopters and as I was leaving, a van from every channel had to be there.

I wasn’t directly involved, thankfully in the craziness, I was still a part of it and all it does is make you wonder what is going on in the world today, could people please come to their senses?

I may have blogged about this before, but it’s my blog, so I’m going to do it again!

EJS is reading Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in school and she wanted to watch the movie because a bunch of her classmates have already seen it.

We started watching last night and  watched up to Charlie finding the ticket. Tonight we started watching when Charlie asks Grandpa Joe to go with him.

Here is my issue with this scene and Grandpa Joe. Grandpa Joe has been bed ridden along with Grandma Josephine, Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina for 20 years.

First of all, his legs should have atrophied after being in the bed that long and now all of a sudden, he can dance & do the two-step?

Second, he’s been in that bed for 20 years and Charlie’s mom is the one who works, takes care of the bills and the family and doesn’t want to take mom?

Where is the loyalty Charlie?


{September 9, 2014}   Grosse Point Blank

I LA LA LA LA LA LA LOVE this movie!!!

I know, I know, DCM says almost every movie is one of my favorite movies, but anyone who has seen this movie has to agree with me! How cold you go wrong with John Cusack.

Ok, I say that and I know there are movies that he has made that were awful, not everyone can make oscar winners, but even if they’re not oscar winners, some of them are great.

Do you know John Cusack’s film credits? He started early, I sometimes forget he was in Sixteen Candles, a small supporting role, but more famously in leading roles are Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer, then Say Anything, just to name a few. His career goes on for at least 36 roles, some great, some not so great, but…I LOVE this movie!

This movie is about a hit man with a conflict of conscious. He goes to his ten year high school reunion to reconnect with his first love, while at the same time fulfill a contract. Who knew gun-play and murder could be so funny. 

There are some great supporting characters, Dan Aykroyd as another professional hit man, Minnie Driver is his high school sweetheart, Alan Arkin is his reluctant therapist, Joan Cusack is his funnier than anything assistant, Ann Cusack has a very small role as a funny drunken classmate, Hank Azaria as another hit man/federal agent, Jenna Elfman is goofy and Jeremy Piven is a manic classmate. 

Bottom line, if you haven’t seen this movie, see it. There you go!

et cetera