Peaches Prattlings

{April 4, 2016}   More snow? A lost tooth. A lotta movies

They said more snow and they were right.  Pook.

I went to sleep and the snow was mostly melted and I woke up to…you guessed it…more snow! And at 10pm it’s still snowing. There have been a lot of memes about Mother Nature being bipolar and off her needs, sounds about right, right? Hmmm…what does tomorrow hold?

I think I’ve told you I’m ripping my movie collection and it’s been great,  remembering my babies and ice been watching them here and there, a nice break from Netflix. As I rip,  I want to watch everything!

Then, I got a phone call, the kind that I love! -“Hi Auntie J!”
-Hi MGS!
– “Guess what! I lost my tooth!”
-“Thank you for my tooth fairy pillow! I really like it!”
– I’m so glad,  I loved making it.
-“When we go on vacation, will you bring things to teach me to sew?”
-I would love that! I’ll definitely bring sewing supplies with me.
-“Ok, I’m turning you back to mommy, bye”
-Bye, I love you
-I love you too
End of conversation.

Now I sit here, ripping and watching movies, cross stitching and loving on the furry beasts. Sounds good,  who wants to join me?



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