Peaches Prattlings

{May 27, 2017}   Just another day…

Its Friday here in Hawaii and I’m home. Sigh.

The day started too early, as it does when I come home. Asleep at 1am, up at 4am, nope, back to sleep, up at 5am, snuggle and catch up, then reality. 

I made a quick breakfast, then PSM left for work and I opened my laptop. I worked for a few hours and then had to reboot my pc, so that was a good excuse to sit in the hammock and take some pics. I posted on Facebook a few photos and that I came up with a title for a book “My Life Doesn’t Suck!” 

Then it was back to work for a few hours, PSM came home, we chilled out, then mani/pedis for two and dinner at a new place, Eating House, the food was good.  Grilled Brussel Sprouts and cauliflower with pine nuts, the raisins cut the bitterness of the brussel sprouts,  PSM had tomato bisque.

Dinner was grilled tofu rice bowl with bok choy, onions and mushrooms for me and fried chicken on goat cheese polenta with asparagus. The asparagus and goat cheese polenta, wow! 

We ended the meal with malasadas with caramel sauce and a bite of frozen yogurt for PSM.  

Home for a movie… let’s see how long we last!


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