Peaches Prattlings

{April 6, 2017}   North by Northwest 

I love this movie! Especially on the big screen! That’s just what I did tonight! 

I saw it posted somewhere as part of Fathom Events that it was gong to be on the big screen and I knew I was going! 
I was at dinner with WIS, asked if she was interested, she was as excited as me and away we went!

So much fun! I love old or classic movies, I watch them all the time on tv or my laptop or iPad, but the opportunity to see it on the big screen, love!

This happens to be one of my favorites and it’s been a while since I’ve seen it, I had forgotten just how fabulous it was. Funny, clever, suspenseful, silly. The costumes, the dialogue, the star power. 

If you don’t know the story, let’s just say mistaken identity, espionage, love, sex, action, adventure, murder.  I think that about covers it! 

I love looking for Alfred Hitchcock in the movie, he was one of the first directors to put themselves in their movies and sometimes you really have to look for him. 

I love marveling at the costumes and the fashion and there was a scene in New York City with people pushing and shoving trying to get to work or home, nothing’s changed, huh! Then we were in Chicago, how fun was it to be in Chicago watching it, ‘ Where is this?’ ‘Is that still there?’

To settle into the seat and see it come to life on the big screen… fabulous! What’s next?


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