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Like how I did that?! I am over the top punny! Well, at least I think so, PSM keeps groaning.

So…our progress so far in our Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Marathon, meaning watching the movies in order. We have watched:

I promise, you will get a review of each movie from me here in the future, just not today, but I will definitely share my thoughts. One thing I have observed, which is interesting…as we watch these movies, a few things are happening, which contradicts the beginning of this sentence, go figure…

As I was saying…as we watch these movies, I don’t know about PSM, but I am seeing these movies through not only new eyes and maybe getting new perspectives on a few aspects of the film, noticing things I might not have noticed before, but I am also talking a lot more, well, asking questions, which I don’t do very much the first time I watch a movie, notice I said, not very much! There are more questions that I have as I watch these movies, much to PSM’s chagrin, I’m sure! At least we’re not in the movie theater!

The other thing I’m doing, oh my word, is coming up with some awful [ly funny] puns! For example…tonight we watched Iron Man 3 and the villians were on something which made them get very hot and blow up, so my brain can’t stop, which comes right out…”Oooh, she’s hot!” “He blew away the competition!” and it went downhill from there! I laughed!

Overall, it’s been fun to watch them again, and to watch them with PSM. So far, some of the ones we just watched are the first time we’re watching them together, that really has been fun. Also, looking for the amazing Stan Lee. I know there are lists of where he appears in each movie, but I am keeping my own list as we go, and I will share it with you when we are done with all 23 movies, promise.

I wanted to say thanks for joining me on this marvel-ous adventure, it’s quite the undertaking. Over the course of these posts, we’ll Iron out the details. I’m keeping my Hawkeyes out for Stan Lee’s cameos, which I think is a Banner idea! [groan!] I honestly tried to keep it all Loki, but it’s not working! I’m afraid I mave have made you Fury-ous! I am Thoroughly enjoying this! As I’ve Peppered this post with puns, it’s made me so Happy! I hope you don’t find all of this Strange and you’re not Hulking mad! If you did, please don’t Avenger, I might turn Scarlet, sorry, I had a Vision. Ok, I’m done! [I’m sure there will be more down the road, I’m just that determined, I’m trying to get to the Groot of the problem! Maybe more on Thorsday! Thorry…


{March 11, 2021}   A Marvel-ous undertaking!

Oh, how punny! I know, you have no idea, so I’m going to tell you, not to worry!

Last week sometime, while I was in Colorado, I told PSM, this was a whim I had, and I’ve had a few, that when I’m home, we need to do an MCU marathon! And for those of you not in the know…that’s Marvel Cinematic Universe! And for those of you still not in the know, those are the super hero movies based on the Marvel Comics, and the amazing Stan Lee, just one of the many brilliant minds who brought us all those amazing super hero comic books and grapic novels.

I was a kid when I started reading the comic strips in the newspaper, Sunday funnies, those were great, because, depending on the newspaper, those were the ones in color! When it came to comic books, I started with Archie Comics, Spider Man, in high school, I was introduced to X-Men, among others, I could go on and on and on, on this topic and I might just do that…another day. Back to the topic at hand.

I’ve watched a lot of the comic book and graphic novels come to life, like I said, another time, and I remember when the first Marvel Movie came out, Iron Man in 2008, starring Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jon Faverau, who also directed, and Terrance Howard, to name a few…I think I reviewed this movie way back when, but I have a renewed look at it, I could do it again, it is my blog, after all! And that was just the beginning, literally! One of my favorite memories was when The Avengers movie came out, May 3, 2012, I went to the AMC Theater near me for an MCU marathon!

Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and then…The Avengers. It was 18 hours in the theater! OMG! We had special passes and they let us out for about 30 minutes in between each movie, it was amazing! So…if you had only seen each movie once, which we know was not the case for me, this was an opportunity to see each movie again, and then…The Avengers! What a day it was!

So…where was I? Oh yeah, like I forgot, we’re in the MCU Universe! PSM must have heard me because last night he suggested we do a MCU Marathon, but… not in order of release date, but in chronological order, how you should watch them in the timeline that actually happened. And friends, that’s just what we did!

We started wtih Captain America: The First Avenger, starring Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, and Hayley Attwell, then we watched Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson. Both fabulous, oh, we have got to talk about these two movies soon! Tonight was Iron Man, we started late, so we threw in something else that didn’t take as long, tell you about it later! Tomorrow…Iron Man2 and The Incredible Hulk, with Edward Norton and Liv Tyler, of course! Oh man, I’m getting excited to tell you about the movies themselves! Tangent!

So…that is the plan, go through all the movies, even the ones we weren’t crazy about, only because one of us didn’t like the way it played out, [that would be me], but ya gotta take the good with the bad, so I’m down for some Baby Groot to lift my spirits!

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you!

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