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{September 20, 2015}   Start with a 5k, end with a musical

That sounds like a pretty good day, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s what happened. Until earlier in the week I had forgotten that I had signed up for a 5k, go figure! So…the alarm goes off at 7am, we leave about 7:30 for what I didn’t know was a five minute drive to the start of the race! It was the Cambridge Fall Classic 5k, I registered too late for the pint glass, darn it! We waited a bit and a few minutes before 8 I picked up my race bib and t-shirt. Hey what do I always say is why I do races…for the t-shirt! Why should this be any different!

We had quite a bit of time to kill, so we went to Dunkin Donuts so PSM could get some breakfast, I can’t eat more than a granola bar or banana before I run. Then we took Mollie back to the house and headed back to the race start, it was due to start at 9. I’m glad we showed up when we did to get my packet, the place filled up quickly. A trip to the port-o-potty. which, first thing in the morning is just fine. I think I was the first person to use it, it still smelled clean and the toilet paper hadn’t been opened yet and there was hand cleaner Wahoo!

I thought the race started at 9am, I was wrong, so PSM hated to leave, but he had yoga scheduled and we didn’t know when this thing would start! Besides, he’ll be there for my half marathon next month! The run finally started about 9:30 and I ran the first mile, then walked the second and did run/walk for the third mile. I thought I did pretty well since I haven’t much running in the last few weeks because of my back. So…43:54, I’m happy!

I accomplished my 3 goals: #3 – Time under 45:00, #2 – Finish with people behind me, #1 – FINISH! Check, check and check!

After the race I walked back to Paul’s place, showered, chilled and waited for him to get home. After he got home and showered, we headed to brunch, a veggie omelet with my fake cheese, yum! Gluten free bread, not bad and an order of French toast made with gluten free bread, honestly not bad.

Then a jaunt down to Marathon Running,, the running store by the start of the Boston Marathon, we passed over the start line, pretty cool. I got a new pair of my running shoes. It turns out they retired the ones I had, Mizuno Wave Runner 16, boo. They are now on 18, oh well, I like them, they’re just not the same. And when went to look for them online, no dice, wow! But it is a very cool store, the shoes weren’t too much, for that brand, gotta break them in before my next 2 races!

So…if you happen to find a pair of the Mizuno Wave Rider 16, size 8, please pass them my way!“

Then next door to the candy store, where else! We bought smarties, no high fructose corn syrup! for us and Necco wafers for PSM. We had a total of one smartie each tonight! Let’s see how long it takes for us to finish these!

Then on to McGreevy’s Irish Pub and Sports Bar, this is the bar owned by the Drop Kick Murphy’s, big fans of the Patriots! how cool is that!

But wait…there’s more!

We head down to the Huntington Theater,, to pick up our tickets for the evening. We don’t do things small around here!

After we picked up the tickets, we went to Ginger Exchange,, a great restaurant that used to be Betty’s Noodle House, but Betty retired about two years ago. It really was enjoyable, I had vegetable pho soup with rice noodles, veggies and tofu, quite pleased. PSM had udon soup and got to add fresh red pepper chili paste, I think I saw some tears, he was happy.

After dinner, we walked the half a block back to the theater to settle in with everyone else for ‘A Little Night Music’,, a wonderful musical about reunited lovers, passions reignited, jealousy, a weekend in the country, yup, that’s about it. And it’s where “Send in the clowns” comes from, kinda cool. After seeing it the show, the song makes more sense which in and of itself is cool.

After the show, it was back to PSM’s to get my stuff and head back to the hotel so I can tell you all about our day and what a day! Are you tired yet? You should be we walked 18,409 steps!

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