Peaches Prattlings

{September 12, 2015}   It’s opening day!

Today was opening day for soccer and softball. How cute are they?

I wasn’t there, but EJS started her day with soccer. Then it was MGS’ turn, so cute! I remember when EJS first started playing soccer, soooo cute,  like hearding cats!

These girls were great and adorable,  of course! MGS also had a great cheering section of course. I think she had fun,  just needs a little practice and confidence.


A few hours later,  it was time for EJS’ first game of the season. She was great!  I haven’t been to one of her games yet,  so this was a real treat!

I saw her get to bat twice and do something new…catcher! Check out her form, pretty impressive,  don’t you think?

And what a cheering section! Me,  My dad, MGS, GES, ACS and M&C O and their dog Bella, PSM and his dog Mollie. Pretty impressive,  wouldn’t you agree?


Today was just the beginning and I’m looking forward to many more opportunities!


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