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{July 8, 2015}   The weekend in Nova Scotia…Happy Birthday PSM!

Happy Birthday PSM!

“PSM”, “Yes JJ?” “Your birthday is coming up, what would you like?”  “I don’t know” “Well, think of something! A trip?” “Hmmm..I’ve always wanted to go to Nova Scotia” “Nova Scotia it is!”

Get online and find Nova Star, the ferry that goes from Portland, ME and docks in Yarmouth, NS, This was really like a mini cruise, let me tell you about it. As you know, we made it just in time, I was getting us there, PSM was getting on that boat!

We had an exterior cabin with a porthole, it had 2 twin beds, bunk beds above and a bathroom with a shower, great cabin. There was a formal dining room, a buffet, a few cafes and bars. They showed movies, had live entertainment and a casino, what more could you ask for!

Nova Star  1

Turns out, I’m not much for cruises, I found that out when I cruised years ago, thought this might be different, but no…I now am the proud owner of another pair of seasick bands and the Canadian version of Bonine, the aquatic version of Dramamine.


I had my stash of saltines and ginger ale, then sacked out and slept until we pulled into port. PSM, on the other hand, no problem with the boat had a good time in the casino and won a bit of money! Go PSM! Prior to crashing, we experienced a beautiful sunset!

There were families, friends, a tour bus and a bunch of bikers, fun for all!

We docked at 7am, got off the boat, went through customs and welcome to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia!

4  3

First a trip to the visitor information location, oh my they were helpful! Then breakfast at The Shanty Café5

Dropped the top, on a very well traveled car and headed up The 101 highway towards the Bay of Fundy. First stop, Light of the Bay lighthouse, built in 1868. What a view!

7  8    9

Back in the car, another fabulous lighthouse for a nice stop and a lie down in the sun to smell the sea…ahhh…10   11   12

We drove to The Bay of Fundy, Hall’s Harbor, and found a fabulous B&B, The Deft House,, we were in The Rose Room, the suite went on and on and on! The fireplace was controlled by wall switch, a lot of fun! The couple who own and run the B&B were charming and kooky, perfect! There were other guests there and we enjoyed meeting and talking with them at breakfast, a three course experience! Cereal, home made fruit crepes and omelets, oh my!


Up to Hall’s Harbour,, to see the tide go out. This is one area of the Bay of Fundy, recommended to see the tide changes. Some of the tide swells measure up to 50 feet! We weren’t in an area to see the swells, but we did get to see where the tide went out!

See the poor boats! They’re grounded! See PSM, he’s walking the ocean floor!

14  15  16

The wishing well lighthouse gives you a good description of Hall’s Harbour and The Bay of Fundy.

17    18

We went up to the Look Off to get a great view of the tide going out and the amazing landscape of the Bay of Fundy, isn’t it amazing!

19  20

How about this! My beetle saw her cousin…a motorcycle with a VW back end! A VW Beetle engine!!! Guess who wants it! Me! Me! Me!


We went back to Hall’s Harbour to watch the sunset. It was amazing, apparently it’s a local favorite and people come in from all over to watch the sunset almost every night! Spectacular!


[My phone died the next day, no more photos, boo]

That was just Friday! Can you believe it!

Saturday, we drove up the other coast to Halifax, what a beautiful city, right on the water, trendy and picturesque. Such a change from other parts of Nova Scotia, not in any negative way, more modern, a very different feel to the lifestyle. The Bay of Fundy is more fishing village and Halifax is a modern city.

We spent a few hours in Halifax, then drove back to Yarmouth for a great dinner at Rudders,, a fun restaurant and brew pub, one of the few spots open and happening in Yarmouth. We had steamers, lobster and fish and chips, yes I tried everything!


Sunday morning, we boarded the Nova Star and sailed back to Portland, Maine. Let’s just say, I don’t remember much as I spent most of it asleep and I’m ok with that! Back in the states and on dry land.

What a weekend! A great birthday! Where are we going next? I’ll keep ya posted!

Happy birthday PSM!


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