Peaches Prattlings

{June 14, 2015}   Sleepover, no training wheels, swim test, bbq

Another crazy, busy day! So what else is new?

The sleepover continued, it really was a fantastic experience, I got a little choked up a few times, don’t tell EJS! We snuggled down in the bed and lights out about 10:30pm, shhh…don’t tell mommy and daddy!

About 5:45am, I realized that I couldn’t move her to her side of the bed anymore, she was all spread out! So, I got up and went to the couch to watch movies and wait for her to get up, which happened about 6:30 when she realized she kicked me out of bed, apologized and fell back asleep! About 7:00 she got up and asked when breakfast was and what time.

We watched a Disney movie, go figure, and paused it about 7:30 to get some breakfast. In the middle of eating, she realized we could bring food back to the room!? Yup! Away we went to finish our breakfast in the room, on the sofa, watching a movie! This is the life!

After the movie, back to the pool for some fun and frolicking, what a great swimmer she is! After a while, back to the room, no hot water for showers, the boiler was busted. Ok, so manis and pedis anyone? You know it!

Eventually, we headed to the house to see MGS riding her bike without training wheels!!! They said it didn’t take long and she was off!  So excited! Then EJS went to softball tryouts and I went with GES and MGS for swim lessons. I was invited because I haven’t seen her swim lesson in a while, she was great! Got all her stickers!

Back to the house to hang out and as there was so much bbq left over, neighbors were invited over, PSM showed up on his bike, and a backyard bbq we had. A great time was had by al!

Then it was goodnight kisses and drive back to the hotel to my furry babies who were waiting to greet me. Well, it’s more like they looked up when I walked in the door!

What a great weekend, my sister was so thrilled by the party and today was great…one great time after another! You should join us some time!


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