Peaches Prattlings

{May 3, 2015}   Another fabulous day! Am I lucky? You bet your bippie!

Another fabulous day, awesome!

I have to tell you what I forgot yesterday, one of the best things and the perfect way to end the day. I got to the house just before GES and ACS, after they got home, I went in and right after GES, I went to EJS’ room and kissed her cheek while she was sleeping and then I went to MGS’ room and kissed her little cheek, SO cute and sweet while they sleep! Then chatting with GES a bit, talking to you then sleep…now that’s the perfect end to a day!

Today I woke up too early, it was after 7am, but still too early! About 8am, I had a visitor in the form of a very ticklish MGS, we giggled and laughed and tickled and jumped for about 30 minutes and then like a flash she was gone! Relaxed a few more minutes, then got up and took a shower, my hair felt waayyyy better!

Got dressed, checked on the laundry, saw AS & JS, who were there to hang out and pressure wash the deck, bonus! PSM showed up on his Yamaha, inspiring me a little further to get another bike…I miss Thing2! It’s coming soon! Then we all went to town to watch the Softball Opening Day parade starring EJS and ACS! Very cool! Then at the park we listened to the opening day ceremony, saw the first pitch, then PSM and I took off for brunch at Petit Robert Bistro,, c’est manifique!

The restaurant was charming, the food was good, the company was terrific and all I want now is to go to Paris, sigh.

After the restaurant, we headed back to the house, after a stop at CVS for some supplies for the week and as we all know, I am easily amused and excited on occasion, today, I found a travel size of the lotion I use, I haven’t found it in a smaller size, I usually have to take the giant tub, so wahoo me!

Back at the house, everyone was there, including JS and AS, who didn’t even know they were coming back! We went upstairs to see what was going on with the movies on my hard drive, finally fixed some of the issues, wahoo! Then we went outside and climbed into the hammock to hang out for a while, that was great!

About 5pm, GES, ACS and the girls went to dinner with the family/friends across the street and since my taxi was coming at 7, PSM and I hopped in Annie, dropped the top and headed out and on ACS’ recommendation, went to The Walnut Grill, It was terrific! We shared a cup of butternut squash soup, a salad, a VEGAN pizza and dessert. YUM! We will definitely be going back!

After dinner, headed back to the house and the taxi was waiting, perfect! Collected my stuff, headed to the airport and went right through security, I LOVE traveling without luggage! They changed the gate without changing the signs, luckily I got up to ask a question!

The worst part about today was my allergies killing me, but…I found my wonderful herbal allergy medication online, on the way to the airport, I am going to pick some up tomorrow. Props to PSM for the suggestion.

Got to Buffalo, picked up the car, got to the hotel and the guy at the desk recognized me, that was a nice feeling.

So…another great, wouldn’t you agree?


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