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{May 2, 2015}   What a day! A great day!

Today started early in Buffalo and ended late in Boston.

I got up, got showered and ready, headed downstairs for some breakfast, back to the room to brush my teeth and finish packing, thinking my flight was at 9:25, it was at 9:11am! Thank goodness PSM happened to ask what time my flight was, at 8:25am! Not to worry, I filled up the car last night and I wasn’t checking any bags and…the airport was across the street from the hotel!

I headed down, gave them my bag and some groceries to hold for me and off to the airport I went, dropped off the rental car and walked through security and to the gate. It was really nice not having to check luggage! Such a treat. I got to the gate, boarded about 8:50, we took off soon after and as I had no seat mate, stretched out my legs, read a little, played some games, watched the end of a movie and we were on the ground.

No need to stop at baggage claim, right to the taxi and away we went. I pulled up just as GES and the girls were getting home from karate. We hugged and spun, caught up and made a decision to get sandwiches and have a picnic on the lawn. While GES and EJS were off somewhere, MGS said “let’s surprise mommy and clean the basement!” Where did that come from? Sounds great, she will be so pleased! So off to the basement we went.

A little while after we finished they came home and we set up a picnic on the front lawn, it was great. The sun was shining and warm on our faces, which hasn’t been happening for a while. Some of the neighbors came over, EJS went to another neighbors house, some of the kids rode bicycles while the parents watched. Yes, it is that kind of neighborhood. And at some point, I went in and made popcorn to snack on, good thing, I was hungry!

It felt so good to be out there with the sun shining, good food and good friends, what more could you ask for!

We all headed inside eventually, then headed upstairs to get ready GES and ACS were going to a fundraiser at their temple and I headed out to meet PSM and his friend JP for dinner and a movie. But the best part…I got to pull Annie out of the garage, drop the top and drive! MGS watched me put the top down and shouted “That is so cool!”

We were going to eat at the pub, but the wait was about 30 minutes, while the Japanese restaurant next door, no wait, guess who won! After a yummy dinner, we headed to the movies to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron, review coming later. After the movie, we went to JP Licks, an ice cream place. Since I don’t eat ice cream, I got a sugar cone filled with sprinkles and some teeny peanut butter cups. It may not have been ice cream, but at least Ii felt like I was participating!

Then it was time to drive home, I hung out across the street  for a bit with MF and OF and their friend T in front of their fire pit, it was the perfect end to the perfect day.

I hope your day was just as fabulous!

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