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{September 1, 2014}   A country fair and lobster fest!

How does one follow a day at the beach? With a country fair and lobster fest, of course! Didn’t you get the memo?

The day started way too early, 7:30 to be exact, is there a pattern here? The bad part wasn’t the time, just the fact that I fell asleep at 3:30am! Party, Party, Party!

We got motivated and out of the house about 10:15, which was only 15 minutes later than planned, go us! We loaded the girls into the convertible again, they were ready for it, sweatshirts on this time, still continued to bundle up, windows up, top down and we were off!

We were meeting ACS’s brother and sister-in-law, JS and AS, at the 154th annual Woodstock Fair, It was a good, old-fashioned country fair, who doesn’t love that! There were rides for all ages, vendors, animals, exhibitions, car races, food, funnel cake, games and so much more. There were crowds of people, most of them smiling, some of the wee tots don’t smile so much when someone tells them no!

We started off taking a trip around to see some of the booths with fun goods. I got a new face mask that will double for the motorcycle and skiing. My last one had to be thrown away, this one is just like it, with pink flames! I will rock the slopes again this year! I did find a gorgeous pair of cowboy, or I should say cowgirl boots, of course, they were on sale for…$289. I just couldn’t do it, even though my birthday is coming up…it’s not the perfect pair I want, those I might spend that kind of money!

Then we got some fried dough, GES and I thought we were getting funnel cake, not so. But there was powdered sugar and it satisfied half the craving, and the girls liked it, what more could you want!

Next were the animals: cows, GIANT rabbits, chickens, roosters, chicks, ducks, sheep, pigs, alpacas, goats, oh my! There were sheep being sheared, cows being born, it was amazing!


I believe she was smiling!                       image

We went into some of the exhibition barns to see different competitors and entries. There were race cars and music and entertainment and giant gourds! Oh my!


The sand art was amazing!


The living statue was creepy and cool, all at the same time!



I love handmade crafts!


Wouldn’t this be great for CBS Sunday Morning?


O M G!! The largest one was over 1100 pounds!

Finally, there were games and rides and oh did the girls love those! Bumper cars, carousel horses and ring tosses, oh my! Were we wiped out? Yes we were!

Back in the car, top up, windows down and to the house James!

When we got home, it was just in time to bring things to the driveway next door for Lobster Fest ’14! This is a tradition that the families on the block have been doing during Labor Day weekend for years. They have done it at GES and ACS’ house many times in the driveway, but this year…the neighbors weren’t there, so guess where we set up!

We had lobster, burgers, dogs, salads, veggies, dips, chips, beer, wine and LaLa’s famous home made sangria. For dessert, there was watermelon, champagne grapes, cookies and cakes, oh my!

We ate and drank and laughed and had the best time and then packed it in just as it seemed it would start raining and we beat the clock! We cleaned up, got the kids inside, baths, books, games and night night!

And then the second shower of the day for most of us, we were hot sticky messes! Now, I sit here writing to you about my day and after I load some pictures into this post I’m going to bid you a fond good evening. [fingers crossed i get more than 4 hours of sleep!]

What will we be doing tomorrow? Who knows…but as you’ve guessed, there is never a dull moment around this house!









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