Peaches Prattlings

{April 6, 2021}   Spring…PLEASE STOP…

kickin’ my arse!

First…there were the itchy eyes, I told you about that a few weeks ago, fear not…itchy eyes have not left me, they are both itchy, wet and dry, how about them apples!, but now…flowers are in bloom…looks beautiful…but…now add runny nose and sneezing! Seriously? Spring, Mother Nature, haven’t you done enough? Ha ha, couldn’t you have just made the flowers bloom…without the side effects?

I take my Flonase, every day, all year long, to be exact. That seems to help when it’s not Spring! I don’t remember if Summer is the same, I can’t think right now! And the worst part, all the sneezing wipes me out! I am exhausted! There are some days I have to take a nap in the middle of the day, I can’t see straight! Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love a good nap, just not when I have to work!

Before you ask, I have taken or tried many allergy medications, but…they all make me drowsy! Even the ones that are not supposed to. Being immune to medication is not a super power! ha ha. The other day, just to function, I took a Dayquil, just to stop my poor nose from running. It’s getting sore from the overuse of very soft tissues! I think I went through a box in two days! really?!

Honestly friends, I love Spring. I really do, even though I am speaking out right now, begging for relief. Now, when I was a kid, I didn’t have seasonal allergies, I didn’t know how lucky I was! When I moved to Georgia I was told…if you don’t have allergies when you move there, you will! And I was so lucky for year, but sure enough, in my 15th year or so…achoo! What?! And they haven’t left. When I moved to Colorado…not sure what magic there was, no allergies!

Ok, I’m done. This too shall pass, right? Yup, Fall is just around the corner! I can feel it!

I know Spring is coming, but it is only the second week of March, and I should NOT be seeing, or killing, MOSQUITOES!!!!

No, March 8th, which is when it happened, is waaaaayyy too early for mosquitoes! I was sitting in my office, with the windows closed, we leave the back door, which opens to the back yard, open now for the dogs to be able to enjoy the warmer temperatures freely, and all of a sudden something was flying around my laptop. I didn’t think twice and reached out and clapped it. I opened my hands and looked and thought “What the H!” [Well, it was a little harsher than that, but this is a family show!] “This is not right, it’s tooooo early!” But…point is, I killed it! Wahoo!

I am a lover of all creatures, great and small, well, I guess that negates that sentiment. There are some things that I feel we don’t really need on this planet, sorry…and there are some things that definitely do not belong in my house! ‘squeeters’ being one of them!

I looked it up and mosquito season begins when the temperatures get above 50 and guess what…it’s been above 50, even close to 70 over the last few days. Wait…we just had snow on the ground up until about a minute ago, Mother Nature, why don’t you give us a minute to get acclimated to the nice weather, give us a chance to prepare for the onslaught of hot weather, mosquitoes and whatever other flying and creepy crawly things are coming our way with Spring and then Summer?!

I guess that storm door with a doggie door in it is coming sooner than later! Now you now what I’ll be doing with my first paycheck! Last year, we had a mesh, magnetic screen door, it was great! It attaches with Velcro to the door frame and there are magnets in the middle that click close after you pass through it. The dogs took to it pretty quickly. The tough part is sometimes the one half of the velcro comes off the house, loses its stick, good thing there’s more velcro out there! But…it would be nice to have a storm door there with screens and a doggy door, so we don’t have to worry about the velcro coming off…the big idea…let the dogs out, and in, but keep the bugs out.

It is TOO EARLY for flying things in my house! My allergies are bad enough this early!

I know, it’s not actually the first day of Spring, that would be March 20th of this year, which is only a few weeks away, but…my allergies have kicked in and they are already kickin’ my arse!

I have been scratching my eyes like crazy today, my nose won’t stop running, if you see it, please catch it! When my eyes get like this, I can’t focus, it makes me incredibly sleepy and groggy. I actually had to close my eyes for 30 minutes earlier today! Oh brother!

I didn’t have allergies growing up, just smoke. Then…I moved to Georgia…someone told me that if you don’t have allergies, after you move to Georgia, you will! It didn’t happen to me for at least 10+ years, then all of a sudden, I’m allergic to everything and every spring…I had a mantra…I hate Spring. I know, hate is a strong word, I have said it a million times, but oh brother, I mean it! I even use Flonase every day, when it gets like this, it doesn’t matter! I used to user bioAllers Outdoor Allergy, it was dissolvable and I took it every four hours. It was crazy, it literally was like clockwork, if I went over four hours, I was sneezing. Eventually, it didn’t work very well, so I stopped. I’ve taken Zyrtec, that tends to make me sleepy, so does Claritin, even though they are both supposed to be non-drowsy.

When I moved to Colorado, wow! No allergic reactions to anything, except smoke, wow! It was crazy…I’d visit the Northeast and as soon as the plane doors would open…sniffle, achoo. Oh well, when I moved to Boston, hello, then Hawai’i, no different, now Missouri, it is what it is. Usually it only lasts this bad a few weeks, then it tapers off to manageable annoyance, then…in no time, it will be Autumn! Ha ha!

I remember last year, when the mask mandates came down, it was Spring and I was walking through the grocery store sneezing, and I would say loud enough for the people around me to hear “I loathe Spring!” That was all I could think to do to let folks know it was allergies and not anything else! Geesh…

I’m glad you can’t see me right now, my eyes are red and puffy, itchy and I can’t stop sniffling! I was so happy the snow melted…until now!

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