Peaches Prattlings

{March 10, 2021}   I killed a what? No…it’s too early!

I know Spring is coming, but it is only the second week of March, and I should NOT be seeing, or killing, MOSQUITOES!!!!

No, March 8th, which is when it happened, is waaaaayyy too early for mosquitoes! I was sitting in my office, with the windows closed, we leave the back door, which opens to the back yard, open now for the dogs to be able to enjoy the warmer temperatures freely, and all of a sudden something was flying around my laptop. I didn’t think twice and reached out and clapped it. I opened my hands and looked and thought “What the H!” [Well, it was a little harsher than that, but this is a family show!] “This is not right, it’s tooooo early!” But…point is, I killed it! Wahoo!

I am a lover of all creatures, great and small, well, I guess that negates that sentiment. There are some things that I feel we don’t really need on this planet, sorry…and there are some things that definitely do not belong in my house! ‘squeeters’ being one of them!

I looked it up and mosquito season begins when the temperatures get above 50 and guess what…it’s been above 50, even close to 70 over the last few days. Wait…we just had snow on the ground up until about a minute ago, Mother Nature, why don’t you give us a minute to get acclimated to the nice weather, give us a chance to prepare for the onslaught of hot weather, mosquitoes and whatever other flying and creepy crawly things are coming our way with Spring and then Summer?!

I guess that storm door with a doggie door in it is coming sooner than later! Now you now what I’ll be doing with my first paycheck! Last year, we had a mesh, magnetic screen door, it was great! It attaches with Velcro to the door frame and there are magnets in the middle that click close after you pass through it. The dogs took to it pretty quickly. The tough part is sometimes the one half of the velcro comes off the house, loses its stick, good thing there’s more velcro out there! But…it would be nice to have a storm door there with screens and a doggy door, so we don’t have to worry about the velcro coming off…the big idea…let the dogs out, and in, but keep the bugs out.

It is TOO EARLY for flying things in my house! My allergies are bad enough this early!


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