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{March 1, 2021}   Work, catnap, dinner out

Happy Monday! It was a fabulous weekend! I got to ski at three mountains, two that were new me, you would think I would have been exhausted…

Yeah, well…I got back from Vail, took a nice hot shower, did some work, then grabbed some grub, the second half of a really tasty frozen pizza, believe it or not! It had beet sauce, butternut squash, and goat cheese! I have to say, frozen pizza or not, it was tasty! Yes, I know, it had goat cheese, but I took a chance, and…y u m!

After I ate, I hung out and watched some tv, started watching His Dark Materials, I’ll tell you what I think after I finish it. As of right now, it’s not that different from the movie, The Golden Compass, please, no one jump on me over this yes, let me finish watching the entire series or at least season 1 and then we can talk again. About 8pm, I think I nodded off for about 30 minutes, I’m not actually sure, but I think so. Eventually, about 11, I went downstairs to get in bed and guess what happened…

If you guessed that insomnia reared its ugly head, you would be correct. I kept looking at the clock…1 or 2am, that’s ok, that’s normal, but 3am, 4am, seriously?! It was somewhere between 530 and 6am, I was actually able to force myself to go to sleep, thank gawd! I really needed some sleep so I could work. I fell into that deep coma like sleep and the 7am alarm was cruel. I snoozed twice, knew it was time to get up, so I motivated, or whatever that was that passed for motivating. I brushed my teeth and got fully dressed, no easy feat! Up stairs, made breakfast and go to work by 8am local time.

I was pretty good until about 2pm and then I looked around the room and couldn’t focus, so I set the alarm for 30 minutes and laid down on the sofa. Let me tell you, I sat up like a shot, thought I missed the alarm, it was literally ten minutes into the nap, wow! So…I figured, I have 20 minutes left and fell right back into it, woke up at 230p ready to go! I worked until about 5p, then headed out to meet LJ for dinner at Beau Jo’s Pizzeria in Idaho Springs, Colorado.

The atmosphere is rustic and western, high ceilings, wooden posts or tree trunks in the middle of the restaurant, exposed beams, very old west feel. Best part, for me anyway…they have a plant based menu! We had vegan chicken bites and then I had the Dude Ranch, a plant based pizza with chick’n, bac’n, bits, spinache, Italian seasoning, non-dairy cheeses and vegan ranch dressing. The crust was a bit thick, but overall, the pizza was really good. I had two whole pieces, out of the eight, guess what’s for lunch or dinner tomorrow! Hey, maybe even breakfast, ya never know!

It was so good to see and catch up with LJ, we got to see each at the end of January. She’s one of those friends who gets excited to try new vegan with me, she’s not vegan, but she’s always up for going with me and I appreciate that. We had so much to catch up on! Her hunt for a new apartment, new job, current job, family, friends, her first time skiing a few weeks ago, and so much more! This trip didn’t work out to go skiing together and after this trip, I probably won’t be skiing again this season. It’s getting towards the end of ski season and that means…motorcycle season! PSM and I have our first ride this coming Sunday! So…I’m hoping next year, when I come out to ski, she can go with me! It would be so much fun to have a friend to drive up with and ski down with! I can introduce her to some of my favorite places!

It was fun talking about her first experience, some good, some bad, both of us lamenting about how much work it can me, not just skiing, but getting the boots on and off! HA HA. I’m really glad she lives here, I have another friend to see!

Before we parted, we talked about maybe meeting in Chicago when PSM and I go to see the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit. I cannot wait to tell you all about that when we go! It’s going to be similar to the Sistine Chapel Exhibit that we went to a few months ago. I need to tell you about that one too! We hadn’t reconnected when we went, so that will have to be another post. How great would it be to meet up in Chicago for a weekend and the exhibit, especially since we’re talking about riding the bikes there! Wah to the hoo!

Anyway, overall, it was a good day, really productive with work, then a fabulous dinner with a good friend, which, just like you and I, we picked up where we left off! And now friends…I am going to put on my jammies and chill!


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