Peaches Prattlings

{January 3, 2021}   Be careful…it’s slippery out there!

It’s wintery weather out there. 2021 weather-wise has not started out with the best intentions. What’s up with that?

New Year’s Eve was f-f-f-freezing! New Year’s day was overcast, dreary, icy cold, and freezing. [Remember that we had to get those wellies for Bee!] Literally! Look at the trash can and the branches! Isn’t it crazy how it feels horrid, but looks beautiful! and wet, what a start to the new year!

January 2nd was equally cold, it was wet, but at least the ice melted and Bee didn’t need or want the wellies. Well, does she actually want them? Ha ha! It was dreary all day, and wet, and then…it started to snow. And more freezing temperatures.

The freezing and icing was very evident this morning, January 3rd, when I was taking the girls for a walk. They told me they wanted to go the extra long walk, ok, sounds good to me, I could use the steps, right? Well, I slid a few times, couldn’t see the ice, but I felt it and tried to walk very carefully and then…about half way through the walk, I slid, my ankle turned under itself and it was twisted and yes, oh man did it hurt! I will admit, there were a few tears, but I walked it off, that’s what you need to do, right?

We walked home, gingerly and slowly, mind you, it was slippery! But we made it home, I propped up my ankle and chilled out with the pups, I have to heal…yoga tomorrow!


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