Peaches Prattlings

{January 1, 2017}   Hauʻoli makahiki hou! From Hawaii! 

A very, very happy new year from Hawaii! 

Here in Hawaii, New Years Eve is bigger than 4th of July on the mainland, it’s crazy! People have been setting off fireworks for weeks, here and there, but tonight, it’s been steady for a few hours, as soon as the clock struck 12…KABOOM 

So…how did we start our day? Going to the local minute clinic to find out…we both have ear infections! That explains the ear popping, pain and discomfort last night on the flight. Is it sweet we’re both sick and on the same antibiotics? Awe…

After getting diagnosed and dropping off our prescriptions, we went home. I turned around, dropped the top on the beetle bug and went out in search of supplies, we had a party to host. 

On top of that, we had Mollie to think about. She, like many other dogs, is completely freaked out by fireworks, poor girl. PSM gave her a tranquilizer, over the course of the evening, two, it was rough tonight. 

I got to talk to GES and dad tonight so that was a good start to the new year…and closer to their midnight than mine! 

It was a small gathering but big fun! D&M R were here with their girls, A, S and Thursday. E&D D were here with their kids,  E & G. And our neighbor, A was able to join us.  

We had good food and drink,  even played some games, it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed spending time with everyone, getting to know them better. I’m so glad we met. 

I really have to give props to the kids for taking turns, together and individually, spending time with Mollie, they had a dog who was afraid of fireworks. 

By about 1045, everyone was walking out the door, PSM and I did a quick clean up then he went upstairs to calm Mollie. 

At midnight the exclusions started and actually, they slowed down, but I’m not sure they stopped! 

There’s so much that happened this year and I’m glad you were right there with me. 

A very happy and healthy year I wish for you my friends.  Happy 2017!


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