Peaches Prattlings

{December 25, 2016}   Another Christmas and another and an overdue visit

Merry Christmas one and all! Mele Kalikimaka as they say in Hawaii!

The morning started nicely with breakfast at JT’s parents house, luckily, next door, so you can go barefoot. His dad,  JT, go figure…cooked, it was nice, eggs, potatoes and bagels,  yum.

They opened presents, we got a kick out of watching and enjoying with them, then it was time to head out to our Christmas celebration, with SDL’S, her sister, DL, and of course, Miss A! 

It’s really been wonderful introducing PSM to my family of friends. We hung out,  opened fabulous presents, oohed and ahhed…someone…not saying who…but she’s small and fabulous and had so many presents, we were all opening them for her! It was a lot of fun and of course, my homemade ornament with her photo was my favorite! Along with her calendar!

After presents, a snack and then off to a friend of SDL’s for dinner, her former roommate and I’ve known her for quite a while.  We ate, drank, made merry.

Then, off to the hotel to check in and meet friends of PSM who were driving through from Valdosta to North Carolina. We had drinks,  then went to get their puppy and all made it up to the room, they crashed with us for the night. I had gotten a junior suite, bed and pull out sofa,  worked out perfectly!

Repacked my bags, talk to you and I gotta crash, flight is in a few hours! Going home for a week, I cannot wait! 

I hope whatever you celebrate its happy and merry brings you joy! 


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