Peaches Prattlings

{December 24, 2016}   Happy Christmaskah…family, family, family…what a day! 

What a treat! Chanukah and Christmas at the same time!

The day started with a trip to…wait for it…Waffle House! I was introducing PSM to more of my GA family! We met KAB, CS, LB and Princess L for breakfast. It was a great visit, too short, but I got to see some of the grandbabies and introduce PSM to more of my family! 

Back to JT’s house,  the guys went to his patents house to watch football and I hung out, watched holiday movies and did my time and expenses, exciting, I know! 

About 4pm, PSM came over to help me bring our gifts to JT’s parents house next door. I helped his mom, ST, finish cooking and set up, not much to do really, cooked some pasta for myself and got ready for the craziness to begin! And it came in a flash! 

There were 16 of us eating, drinkng and making merry. There was an Italian feast! Pasta, baked ziti, meatballs, sausage, bread, salad, potato latkes with applesauce, we had all the bases covered! Cookies, cakes and pies, yum!

Then it was time to draw names to open gifts, oh boy do we spoil each other! It’s so much fun!

After gifts, it was winding down and everyone started going home. PSM, JT and I headed over to his house to catch up, and quick chat with you and then crash. 

My dad sent a picture of the menorah, it was made by a good friend of his, HT, and the menorah we lit every year growing up. Isn’t it fabulous! 

Tomorrow…Christmas with the pickle and company!

Whatever you celebrate, may it be happy, festive and fulfilling. 

Happy EVERYTHING! I love you all! 


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