Peaches Prattlings

{December 23, 2016}   A visit…a lunch…a dinner…more visits 

Poor PSM…he’s seen more of the highways in Atlanta than anything else. 

We started our morning going to see TS, we had a short window, but it was a quality visit. I love spending time with her and it was great to introduce her to PSM. 

Next was lunch with JCT, they tired to out hot sauce each other! They enjoyed having someone who understands what that means!

After a nice bowl of spicy pho for them and crispy noodles for me. We went to Kung Fu Tea for milk tea, it was a new and tasty experience. But wait, there’s more! We went to Sweet Hut for some tasty pastries. I might need something salty! 

Then it was a tour of my old neighborhood and house, then on to JT’s for the night. 

Hanging out, finish wrapping, talk to you, then crash. We’re seeing the grandkids in the morning!



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