Peaches Prattlings

{December 20, 2016}   Another day, another adventure! 

Has your week been as fabulous as mine?

I spent the night with RJS, well, I got in after everyone was asleep. I loved on the fur babies, then crashed. 

This morning it was catching up and then a trip to….Waffle House! She knows me so well! Then it was errands and laughing and silliness,  par for the course. 

After a great day with RJS, I went to meet one of my oldest and most wonderfulest friends, LGR and her husband, MR and their daughter Miss C.

We meet at a hibachi restaurant, something Miss C has been asking for. LGR and I met at my first corporate job in Atlanta oh so many years ago. We’ve been through a lot together and we’ve stayed friends through so much and no matter what happens in our lives, if we go long periods without seeing each other,  it’s like no time has passed. How fabulous is that! 

Of to ST’s house to crash for the night. We are watching Ant-Man while I talk to you and then off to dream land…because tomorrow…

More adventure awaits! 


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