Peaches Prattlings

{December 19, 2016}   Day 3…Shopping and lanterns

What a day! 

I left LBK’s house and headed to meet JT for our annual tradition…Christmas shopping for his family. 

I got there a little early, Old Navy is having a sale…win-win, wouldn’t you say?  JT got there shortly and we began our adventure. 

We’ve been doing this for about eight or more years. A few years ago, I got smart and stated bringing a rolling crate to put all of our purchases in, much easier on the hands, arms and back.

After lunch and shopping, we parted company, I headed to meet CKM at the train station and we headed downtown for dinner and to see the Chinese Lanterns. 

Dinner was at Alma Cocina for a salsa and guacamole tasting and soup for me and salad for CKM. We admired the tree in the lobby of the building, turns out it was the Deloitte building, very pretty. Then headed out to Centennial Olympic Park for the lanterns. 

The It was amazing! 25 decorated lanterns, made with wire, fabric and lights. The colors were amazing, the lanterns breathtaking, the different themes, the pageantry, fabulous! 

After we toured, there was a show, with traditional dancing. One dance was with lanterns, another with face changing and then a Chinese violin. [Sorry, video won’t load]

The last fun event was a few go rounds on the wonder wheel. It was great to be above the city to see the lanterns

If you have the opportunity, go see the lanterns, on the website, you can get a combo deal for the lanterns and the ferris wheel.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds! 


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