Peaches Prattlings

{December 18, 2016}   Next day…a tree and a letter

Sleeping in is beautiful! I woke up about 630am and then fell back to sleep and woke up about 830am, mmm…

I hung out with Miss A while she was waking up and SDL was on a call. After the call, we had breakfast, Skyped with SDL’s parents, Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop. A little while later, another breakfast, the girl has a bottomless put for a stomachs, not sure where she puts it all!

Eventually, I headed out to LBK’s. The family is leaving for NYC in Tuesday and she needed a little help getting ready. We had a great time! All the batteries have been changed, presents wrapped, last few gifts purchased, including teacher and coaches gifts, tree decorated and holiday letter written. 

The batteries part was fun because it’s all those toys that sing and dance, so much fun! Then there was decorating the tree, so much fun looking at the ornaments throughout the years, when the girls were babies. Ornaments they made, picked out, what has to go on the tree.

The last task was a holiday letter. LBK wrote what’s happened this year with everyone and then we worked together on writing it for the holiday letter, adding a little humor here and there. What a great year this family has had! I’m so happy for them. 

LBK’s finally went to sleep, she has to work in the morning, I stayed up a little later, I’m almost done wrapping my gifts!  Then I had to talk to you and hopefully get a few hours of sleep, another busy day tomorrow!

I’m so glad that I got to spend time with the family, they’re usually gone when I get to Atlanta for the Christmas. 


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