Peaches Prattlings

{December 17, 2016}   Day two…what’s next? 

Day two started by sleeping in! What? That almost never happens! 

I slept until about 930am, it was fabulous!  Maybe it was because I was sleeping in LaLa’s bed. I usually sleep in the guest room or on one of the recliners in the living room, but JCT and JT had fallen asleep down there and that meant the pugs, Yogi and Booboo were sleeping there too. The pugs over snore! Weird dog like noises that I couldn’t fall asleep to, so up I went.

I woke up to the sounds and smells of breakfast.  I’m pretty sure JCT thinks I’m a goose and she’s trying to fatten me up! Eggs, grits, waffles, hash browns, toast and bacon, well, no bacon for me. SAT, her daughter said that I should come over more often so she can have breakfasts like this! Sounds good to me! 

Then it was off to the races, well, after I wrapped some gifts that I brought with me. SAT got a haircut, JCT and I did some shopping next door, then we got some lunch and then more shopping, I’m running out of room in the car. Back to the house, hung out for a bit and I headed out. Before I left, I was given a key to the kingdom, so nice! And, of course, a golf ball key! 

I left their house and headed to SDL, she and Miss A had just gotten in from their marathon shopping day. We caught up, then went to our favorite Mexican restaurant where they adore her, especially Miss Veronica. We ate, caught up, laughed, danced, rocked, bounced, ran around and then it was finally time to go home for bath and bed, that was for Miss A. SDL and I sat and talked for a while until Miss A decided she might try to come downstairs. 

When I went back upstairs a few minutes later, the picture of them snuggling and asleep would have been precious! 

I got settled in, time to talk to you then crash. More fun tomorrow! 


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