Peaches Prattlings

{December 16, 2016}   And the marathon begins!

I landed in Atlanta this morning and off I went! 

The first stop was fabulous and long overdue. I met with two very dear friends,  who were neighbors when we all lived in my last neighborhood in Georgia. They were both the first people I met, we went on trips together, dinners, lunches, brunches, parties, coffee and tea, planning, events, parades, comfort, support and love each other, in good times and bad. 

Something we used to do is, and I know this is crazy sounding, we would just walk down the street, knock on each other’s doors and just visit, imagine that! 

PWT and DNB, love these ladies, they helped me get through some…shite in my life. We got together and it was like no time had passed, it was wonderful. I hope that we can continue this, it really was great to see them. 

I left lunch and headed to JCT, we caught up until the family got home, then we all headed to Costco, I know, you’re jealous…then JCT, her daughter ST and I went for a little pampering, mani for me and ST and the works for JCT, mani/pedi, ahhhh.

Back to the house to watch movies and hang out. Just what the doctor ordered. You curious what’s coming tomorrow? Tune in and find out! 


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