Peaches Prattlings

{December 14, 2016}   Holiday dinner…fun! 

We had our team holiday dinner last night and it was great fun!

We went to The Publican,”a homage to oysters, pork and beer”, just what a vegan ordered! 

It was great, aside from the pork rinds, ha ha, I’m glad they told me what was in the paper cone! The menu was meat focused, but when I said I was vegan, they accommodated me quite nicely, don’t you think? 

It was a lot of fun to be together because I don’t see most of them very often some I’m in the field almost every week. 

We talked, drank,  laughed, shared, ate, told stories, had a great time. At the end of dinner we had a ‘white elephant’ gift exchange. 

A white elephant is where you purchase or bring a gift you have in the house, that cost, for us,  $10 or less. Everyone draws numbers and then the first person pics a gift. The next person pics a gift then decides if they want to keep it or swap with someone else. Spot #2 apparently is the worst because you can only swap with #1, #1 gets to choose after everyone else goes. So stressful!

I brought a Shaper Image bank that counts your money and a Santa hat that says Naughty on one side and Nice on the other,  #2 kept it and protected it! I swapped after I opened mine for a portable speaker! 

A lot of good times and laughs. I’m glad I fought the traffic and went, I had a really good time and…everyone enjoyed the bags of chocolate coal I gave them. 

How was your holiday party? 


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