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{December 3, 2016}   A dinner/movie date…Moana in Hawaii!!

This is my post that didn’t want to post on Friday…

First of all…I’m home! for the weekend! I do love getting to go home! 
I got in Thursday night, nothing exciting there, except for Mollie and PSM picking me from the airport, sigh. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I woke up about 4am, that’s normal for PSM, not so much for me, I’ve usually just fallen asleep by then! We got up, he had a call at 6am and I started working, which was about 8am central time, so a little before normal working hours on this project, which means I am done about 130, not bad, huh?

About 230, I met PSM at an appointment in Honolulu, after we went to an outdoor mall, a really nice and huge one, apparently it had been built in ten stages, looks like it! There are actually maps to take with you, that’s how big! I had an exchange to make and it’s nice to walk around and get a drink, the traffic to get home would be ridiculous, we were planning on hanging out.

After a drink and some live music, we went to one of my favorite vegan restaurants I used to go in Atlanta, The Loving Hut, it’s actually an international chain, so excited to find it here! [TS and SF and I used to go together all the time!] He really is a good sport for going with me. 

Then we headed back towards home and went to see Moana, a new Disney animated movie. It’s about an ancient Polynesian tribe, the demi-god Maui and Moana, the chieftain’s headstrong daughter. In true Disney fashion, there is a strong, young female lead, different, her parents are both still alive and stay that way through the entire movie!

She has a mind of her own, frustrates her father, wants to do what’s right, but also wants to follow her heart. She sets off, against her father’s wishes, to bring back the heart to her people and the land. 

Along the way she meets Maui, finds out who she is and what she’s made of and what’s truly in her heart. 

It was a great movie, so much fun to see it in Hawaii and the kids in the crowd added to the experience. Two thumbs up!


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