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{November 27, 2016}   Two different families, two different traditions

Aren’t traditions grand?

My family has a tradition that started when GES and I were children. Our parents started taking us to see The Nutcracker ballet at the City Company in NYC every Christmas Eve. This was the Balanchine performance, so of  course what we know and love. I’ve seen the Nutcracker in different cities by different choreographers, but you know my favorite by now. 

A few years ago GES thought it was time her girls experienced a treasured memory and started taking them as a family. I’ve gone with them a few times, I haven’t always been able to. Different family members have also joined them and now it seems, Thanksgiving is the holiday or time of year they go. I hope I get to join them for years to come. They love it and a new family holiday tradition was born. 

The other family tradition is with PSM’s family. The women in the family started the tradition a few years ago when his niece MM was a teenager. All the women in town for Thanksgiving go to dinner and a movie together. I was invited last year but couldn’t go, but this year…we went out to dinner and then Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,  good thing I really liked it! 

It was fun to just be with “the girls” away from the entire family, kids, spouses, hanging out, talking about everything and nothing. I appreciate being included. 

So, two family traditions, a really nice day. 


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