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{November 26, 2016}   A party, a party, a movie

What was your Saturday like?

We started with PSM’s family Chanukah party. It’s always the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It started years ago when his generation started spending Thanksgiving with their respective spouse’s families and Chanukah, as you may know, is never the same date each year. They decided that on Saturday they would all be together for the Chanukah party. PSM’s uncle informed me, with a wink, at our first Chanukah party together, that he would be at the Chanukah party each year,  yes sir! 

PSM has been hosting the Chanukah party at his house for years and this year, since he moved it was hosted by one cousin at another cousin’s house. It was great, as always. About 35 people, lots of kids, now including my nieces and PSM’s best friend, K&D N’s kids. They played, laughed, ran around, there is a play about the story of Chanukah that the kids put on and singing, then presents for the kids and the adults donate to a charity. 

We ate, got to catch up, talk, laugh, get to know each other, watch the kids open and enjoy their gifts and enjoy the time we get to spend together.

After the Chanukah party, back to the house,  PSM went to hit golf balls with his brother and the rest of us for ready for our next party. This party would be a surprise party for SHK, he’s a few months older than EJS and she wanted to throw him a surprise party. 

And throw him a surprise party we did! We had steamers, a hand made happy birthday sign, cupcakes, pie and eventually ordered Italian for dinner. We hid when they arrived and yelled surprised and sang happy birthday! It was perfect, he was very surprised.

The kids played, ran around, built a Chanukah house, put on a talent show for the rest of us, sold us tickets, scanned our phones “through security”, even gave us paper so we could get autographs! What a show!

After the show, GES, LaLa and I went to the movies to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I’ll give you a review another day, but all I can say is…go see it!

Back home to try to get a few hours of sleep because I’m taking PSM to the airport at 3am, what?!

So…what was your Saturday like!? Mine was awesome!


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