Peaches Prattlings

{November 23, 2016}   Normal family crazy!

Another day at my sister’s house, right?

Yes and no! The day started with breakfast at a local place with my sister, dad and PSM. PSM and I only had toast, coffee and tea because he and I had a brunch with his Aunt and Uncle in a few hours. 

We went to a nice place in Alston called Lulu’s, breakfast and lunch was enjoyed by all. We laughed, caught up, talked about our travels, our trip that just happened and their recent trip to South Africa.

After brunch we went to his brother’s house, and had much of the same, laughter, catching up, talking. Those was more like GES’ house, with two kids showing off for the guests. Even though we’re family, we’re not there every day, so in that respect, we’re guests.

It was loud, crazy, goofy, happy, noisy, wonderful. Then back to GES’ house where it was loud, crazy, goofy, happy, noisy. 

Lala showed up a while later, more catching up and then one by one, everyone started going to bed. Here I am talking to you, reveling in the crazy and love.


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