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{November 17, 2016}   Day 11 Sweden…what do we do first?

Return the car! Ha ha

After breakfast we checked out of the hotel and props to the property. The woman at reception gave me two passes, shhh, for public transport for the time we’re here and took care of the parking tickets! Apparently there is no free parking in Stockholm and no one told us where to park when we checked in…and they knew we had a car.  Now get out there!

This video doesn’t exist
The outer doors to the hotel would open automatically  you walked up, nice!

Our morning view was pretty spectacular and then the dive over to drop off the car, pretty,  huh?

First stop was everyone’s recommendation, Skansen, the world’s oldest open-air museum and zoo. It has a zoological garden specializing in Nordic fauna, such as moose, reindeer, bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine. It features over 150 historic buildings from previous centuries, from all parts of Sweden. 

Here’s the thing, we liked it, but being winter, there wasn’t much happening. One of their big things is people walking around in traditional clothing giving talks and performing every day life, we found one.  It boasted stories and shows, etc. I think in the spring and summer, it would be a lot of fun. 

We did find several of the Nordic animals but the bears, wolves and reindeer were harder to find. Maybe we’ll just have to come back, hmm..

Next stop, canal or under bridges boat tour, yes? Great! Let’s go to the Grand Hotel, that’s where we pick up the tour.

Two tickets please, yes? No. Just missed the last boat, not to worry tomorrow morning it starts all over again! What ever will we do now?

Why…Let’s go to the Grand Hotel and have a spot of tea and figure out our next move. Sounds good to me! 

Not only did we have tea, we had high tea! I love high tea and it’s been ages since either of us have had high tea. Apparently, this is something you need to order in advance, some people reserved up to four months ago! [“But let me see what I can do” said our waiter”]. Guess what happened next?!

First…they had decaf coffee so you know PSM was in heaven! It is one of the hardest things to find outside of the US. I jumped in and had their special house blend, so good, I even bought a tin!

So…if you haven’t had high tea before, do you think you could ever get full from for teeny [barely even quarter] sandwiches, two scones and four teeny cookie like desserts? The answer is YES! 

We started with, well PSM going into a dreamlike state after his first sip of coffee, then when his feet came back down, we started with the sandwiches, my favorite thing on that level, whipped chevre with honey,  oh my gawd!!

With the scones we had lemon curd, plum jam, sweet cream cheese and not so sweet whipped cream. The whipped cream helped to cancel some of the sweetness of the other toppings, I didn’t need that too much, ha ha.

By the time we got to the desserts, we were just about done! There is no way we could do that every day! 

What a fun and new experience we had together!  Although, we are so stuffed, we may never eat again! We need to walk this off !!
Where to? Next stop…the Moderna Museet.

We were both excited about seeing this museum, we both enjoy modern art and almost all of what we saw was amazing! 

There were sculptures and paintings by Picasso, Munch, Leger, Gris, just to name a few. 

Duchamp, Rosenquist, Oldenburg, Lichtenstein, Matisse.

There were artists and pieces we recognized. There was modern, expressionism, surrealism and then there were pieces like this. Yup…

This video doesn’t exist

Another one of the free exhibits was on architecture, from arrival to moving, infrastructure, set up.  What makes a house a home?

I found the statistics video fascinating. 

This video doesn’t exist

Let’s head back to the hotel, check in, get settled in and see what comes next. 

We are in the room,  we’ve gone to the executive lounge, had some treats and now we’re just enjoying the view, the lights, the sounds outside and sitting, we are enjoying sitting! 

What adventures await us tomorrow? I can’t wait to find out! I’ll keep you posted!

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