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{November 16, 2016}   Day 10…We’re in Sweden!

I was tempted to sing “Hello Sweden my old friend” [I hope some of you got that!]

We got up, ready for the next adventure! Breakfast and a stroll around the town of Ystad, where we stayed last night and knew nothing about! The town was just waking up so we let it slumber a bit more, we had places to be!

In the car and on the road, we had one immediate destination, the town of Kaseberga, a cute little artist community that was recommended by the guy we met on the Metro.

Along the way we stopped at a beach and as everyone knows, a cold day on the beach in Sweden is better than any day in the office! 

We finally made it to Kaseberga and we believe in the summer it’s a very cute artist community. Alas, in the winter…not so much! Two restaurants would be open for the day. um…

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

Back in three car for the next six hours. Ok, in retrospect, diving to Sweden sound a lot more exciting and romantic than it was. If we had more time, we could and would have stopped a free more places and the bridge was not as exciting as we thought it would be, well to be fair, it was after dark and we couldn’t see much. 

But it was an experience! This is the second time we’ve driven between two countries in Europe, wonder what countries will be next?

We arrived in Stockholm, arranged our hotels and settled in for the night. A nice dinner, art exhibition and a great view , what could be better? We’re in Sweden!

Lots to see over the next three days! can’t wait!


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