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{November 5, 2016}   A first meeting and a wedding!

What a day! Let me tell you about it!

First thing, well, laundry doesn’t count so forget that! But a grandson and a wedding does!

I met my grandson!!!! I drove out to see TYL and my almost one month old grandson,  CDL! Oh friends, I wish I could share his photo, but aren’t those teeny little feet the best?!

He was dozing when I got there, so i just stared at him for a while, touching his feet, legs, head, oh that full head of hair!! as he was waking up, it was time to eat so I help him while TYL went to get his bottle. Then I got to feed him,  the boy can eat! then some burping, more snuggling, talking. oh,  we talked , about what the world has to offer, the places we’ll go, the trips we’ll take. what fun we’ll have!

I was there for a few hours, we went through two diaper changes and one and a half bottles and good conversation, memories and good family time. JL, TYL’s husband,  came in at some point,  we caught up and then he was outside working on Granny’s car, he’s a good kid. 

It was finally time to leave, sigh, and on my way out I got to meet Granny and her sister, lovely people. 

Next… I have a feeling you won’t be surprised that I changed into my dress for the wedding while I was driving!

I made it to the wedding, whew! I went in and found friends! RJS has invited and included me in many celebrations with her friends and family that I know quote a few of them, so this was even more special. 

This day was 15 years in the making. when I met RJS on a project they had been together about 7 years and here we are 8 years later. 

The entire wedding took place at The Variety Works, with a wonderful open barn feel, exposed beams, high rafters, rustic light fixtures and chandeliers. We were on the first level for the ceremony and reception. The tables were already set on the outside of the room, the center had the chairs set up with the aisle down the middle. 

When we arrived, we were escorted by RJS’ nephews to our seats along with handing us a packet of tissues! they look so handsome, the boys, not the tissues! I saw her brother, JS, and he looked so very happy, it was nice to catch up with him before the ceremony. He is the reason RJS was working where we met, so I’ve known him just as long, wow.

The ceremony began and oh my, she looked just like she felt, a princess. Her dress was beautiful, hair perfect, the bejelewed earrings and headband sparkled almost as much as she did. And the pop of red of her shoes,  loved it! KS looked so handsome in his suit and maroon bow tie and when he saw her, sigh.

The ceremony was brief but sweet, meaningful and full of so much joy, not just from the bride and groom, but from everyone in the room. One of my favorite parts was when the minister asked if they would take each other and would we, the friends and family, support them in their choice to join their lives forever. We all replied with a resounding “We will!”

After the ceremony the happy couple and the family went outside for photos while the guests had drinks and hors d’oeuvres. More catching up with friends old and making new ones, RJS has a way of bringing the most wonderful people together. 

There was eating, drinking, dancing, laughing, glass clinking for kisses from the bride and groom. There were 45 guests, a perfect number to have a crowd and be intimate at the same time.

As we left, on the table were keychains with glass beads that RJS had made for everyone. Beautiful. 

I’m so very honored that I was included in this very special day, I would not have missed it for the world. I wish you so much happiness and Mazel for your lives together. Congratulations RJS and KS, I love you both!


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