Peaches Prattlings

{October 27, 2016}   An interesting place for dinner

Another roll-off diner. Another see you soon. Another good luck with your next endeavor. 

And…another great restaurant! We went to The Bedford, the building used to be a back which they converted. It was a great concept! The bank vault was a separate party room, the bathroom doors look like office doors or the room you could look at your private property if you have a security box of your own. 

It was dark and they had it decorated for Halloween, all the touches were subtle and fit in perfectly with the decor. 

A good atmosphere for a private party, intimate dinner or just stopping in for a drink at the bar [to watch the Cubs beat the Indians 5-1…go Cubs!]

The food was interesting, creative, like deviled eggs on bacon dust. Have you ever heard of bacon dust? Me neither! The nice thing,  it was creative and good. No,  I did not have the bacon dust!!

You know my team goes to some nice and fun places,  this was one! Good luck NW, you’re going to rock your new project! See you when you’re in Chicago!


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