Peaches Prattlings

{October 22, 2016}   Yolk…Jack…Hawks…Cubs!

Who schedules appointments for Saturday mornings? Duh.

I got back to the hotel, the guys were up and ready to go, it’s brunch time! We went to Yolk, a nice place for brunch,  I was there with CKM. Food was ok, service left something to be desired.

Let’s go to a movie! The new Jack Reacher. I love Lee Childs and the character Jack Reacher.  If you’ve read his books, Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher…if you can get past that,  a pretty good movie. 

Back to the hotel for a minute,  then it’s off to the Blackhawks game! Standing Room seats,  not bad,  once you get a spot. We left shortly before the end, they were losing and then pulled it out last minute. 

We headed to a restaurant/bar across from the hotel to watch the end of the Cubs game.  It was exciting! Congrats to the Cubs…making it to the pennant rave first time in 71 years and as they say 4 more games…they win…it will be the first time in 108 years!! I’m pulling for you Cubs!

A much earlier night tonight! Airport for the boys tomorrow. 


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