Peaches Prattlings

{October 21, 2016}   A great day…but please,  no more deep dish!

What a great day! PSM and ST are here in Chicago with me, we’re going to have a good time. 

PSM and I went into my office this morning for a few hours, went to lunch with DLP and then headed to the hotel. ST is in town and going to crash with us for the weekend. 

We dropped our stuff and headed out, the boys wanted to go to the Apple store. After waiting about 20 minutes for someone to talk to us, we left empty handed. 

We went to the Tmobile store to see my new friends, ha ha. I got the guys set up with VR Gear and someone for PSM to talk to about headphones and I needed a cover put on my phone. 

Next it was off to Papa Ginos, a very cool place,  with graffiti on every…thing! And yes,  for the 2nd and last time I ate deep dish pizza. It wasn’t bad. 

Then, to Atwood for Unicum! I was so excited that I found it in Chicago, it’s that battery-acid, Hungarian Liquor that PSM loved. 

We introduced ST to Unicum and port, two of PSM’s favorites from our trip last year. Then it was other treats, I pretended to be a grown up and had an amaretto on the rocks. 

On to Rockbottom Brewery for more shenanigans,  so much fun hanging with these guys. 

It’s now about 230am, time for crashing! Lots to do tomorrow. Night!


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