Peaches Prattlings

{October 18, 2016}   Goodbye pop…hello Max

A new experience!

Got up,  had breakfast,  dad headed to the airport,  I headed to work. I know,  you’re jealous,  ha ha.

After work…

A few of us went to “Saved by the Max”. It’s a pop up diner in Chicago that is a replica of The Max from Saved by the Bell. 

They designed it exactly like The Max, down to payphone on the wall. Every detail was seen to,  the booths,  the waitstaff shirts, the signs, music. 

The menu was very clever, each dish named after a character or aspect of the show. 

You pay in advance,  get an appetizer, entree,  side and dessert. [And before you ask,  nope,  not vegan friendly, but I made it work!] As our server said, we could dine and dash! We did!

There were TV screens showing different episodes, I watched a few episodes here and there,  but I wasn’t a die hard, I was a senior in high school when it came out. Now, MJW, who I was with, die hard…except for him,  it was in reruns…Oh brother! But it was fun sitting next to him,  very excited about the experience, talking about the different episodes that were showing.

DLP, KP, MJW had fun talking,  eating, enjoying the experience. 

If you have the opportunity,  you should do this! I will tell you that you can stand on line with the hopes of getting a table, sometimes a 2 hour wait or make a reservation two-three months in advance,  which is what I did! 

If you were a Saved by the Bell fan. This is the experience for you! Now,  remember,  this is a pop up diner,  they extended until the end of the year,  then it’s gone! Go!


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