Peaches Prattlings

{October 9, 2016}   What a day! Family and friends

To me,  they’re the same thing and I love it!

I spent the night with RJS and KS, this morning she gave in to my desire for breakfast, which anyone who knows me, when I’m in GA…Waffle House!! Yum!

I left her place to spend some time with CKM at a farmer’s market. In the Gall she sells apples and in the Spring she sells peaches at different farmer’s markets. I’ve asked her about it and now,  when I ask questions about the markets I can visualize it in my mind. She sold out, pretty cool. 

We caught up,  laughed, got silly and had a good time,  as always. I even bought a few apples for the kids,  they smelled so good!!

Next, I headed out to see the grandkids! I got there and everyone was there and up from a nap, wahoo! I saw LB and Baby L, their mom, CS and Baby A and his baby sister Princess E and their mom, KB and a real treat…CG, their Mamaw, no idea how to spell that! 

It was so great spending a few hours together,  catching up, talking, laughing, having a good time. Only one missing was their sister, DCM, she was off with her beau…next time.  

Then it was off to see LBK and family.  I had a birthday present to deliver in person! Their youngest daughter turned 12 two weeks ago. Oh boy do I love seeing this family. 

LBK, KK, JK and I went out to dinner, then they took me to see her new office, it was amazing! I’m so excited for her on this new adventure! We had so much fun in the therapy room,  swinging, jumping,  just being goofy. We took pictures,  oh my.. we do look like out mothers! 

Back at the house,  laundry,  the debate and more catching up. It was so fabulous, family always is!

Oh! My dear friends, CC and IF, had their baby! Much mazel to them!

Finally talking to you,  have to crash and get up in a few hours to head to the airport. I need a vacation! Goodnight!


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