Peaches Prattlings

{October 8, 2016}   Scarecrows, Orchids and Chihully…oh my!

So beautiful!

Today I met TS at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, their special exhibits were scarecrows and fabulous installations by glass artist, Dale Chihully.

We walked through the gardens admiring the flora and fauna,  scarecrows that were made by different groups, a lot of scout groups, went into the orchid house and saw amazing works by Dale Chihully. 

The scarecrows were cool and creepy, there was no limit on size or subject, all wonderful in their own way. 

The orchids were amazing,  as always! It’s amazing how diverse they all are,  I love the ones that look like people or like they are praying.

The pieces by Chihully were breathtaking! The way he incorporates them into nature, there are no words!

I wish we could have gone at night, wow! One of these days I’ll see it at night. If you have the opportunity, go!


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