Peaches Prattlings

{September 30, 2016}   I’m how old?

45! Yup…I said it! Loud and proud! I’m 45 years old today!

I got a pre-happy birthday birthday call from my dad, then PSM last night and wake up text from SDL and Miss A, a good start to the day!

Then, birthday wishes and hugs from MGS and GES and my birthday cat! Then breakfast with my sister at the Station Diner, a yummy egg, soysage and “cheese” sandwich for me, fully loaded for GES and a banana pancake to share. 

Back to the house to get some work done, prep for the cleaners, then I went to get a much needed haircut. 
In the middle of all of this, a very sweet delivery from my beau, PSM, roses and a “bear” hug. 

Eventually, GES and I went to pick up MGS and EJS from their after school program, home and when ACS got home, because it’s my birthday, I got to choose the restaurant. 

Unfortunately for the family, ha ha, I got to choose vegetarian/vegan. We went to a local place that PSM and I have been a few times and we really like it. The service is passable, but the food is good. Tonight, the service was terrible, one server for the entire restaurant, really?

The kids didn’t like the food, our food was pretty good.  The desserts were alright, vegan desserts aren’t for everyone, but they were good sports.

We went home, I got my presents, a great literary scarf, one I had seen and wanted with a quote from The Wizard of Oz! A box of “Novel” Teas, literary tea bags and a house warming/birthday present, a ’45 clock, how perfect is that for my 45th?!

After the kids went to bed, some of the girls came over for an impromptu girls night, RS, TS and LR, we talked and laughed, lit a fire and enjoyed our time together until it was time for bed, talk to you and then pass out. 
Tomorrow, dad and LaLa are coming for the weekend and to celebrate the Jewish New Year together, can’t wait!

I am 45! One day older than Magic Kingdom, I think I’m in good company!

Thank you to everyone who reached out to wish me a happy birthday, I’m a very lucky girl!


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