Peaches Prattlings

{September 29, 2016}   Surreal and sad 

I should be used to this already…but every time it takes getting used to. 

This won’t be the most uplifting post, I appreciate your understanding. 

I want to say that “home is where the heart is” and you know how much I love my friends and family and when I am with them, I feel at home, but I’m  just visiting. 

I am going to start with quasi-adulthood, instead of the just after college youth, if that’s alright with you. 
I left Georgia after almost twenty years and now, when I go back, I’m renting a car and staying with friends, who are my family, or in hotels, I’m not “home”.

I left Colorado after a year and a half and now, when I go back, I’m renting a car, staying with friends or in hotels, I’m not “home”.

I left Boston three weeks ago, I had been moving my stuff over the past few months, including my car! and now, when I go back, I’m renting a car, staying with family, I’m not “home”. 

When I left Colorado, I packed up some stuff, don’t forget, I have two storage units that I visit every time I go back, took the fur babies and moved in with my sister and family, it was great, I’d been spending so many weekends and weeks there, it was natural. 

Then I got an apartment for me and the fur babies and coming “home” meant coming in from whatever project I was on, getting a rental car and going to my apartment to snuggle with them, seeing my family at least once or twice during the weekend.

Now, it’s a whole new experience. This is my first time coming to Boston and going straight to my sister’s, no apartment, no further babies. It’s surreal and it’s sad. 

I’m going to be surrounded by family, friends and more love than I can imagine and it’s just what I need. Each trip will get a little easier, I know, but the first one is not going to be easy. 

I’ll take your good vibes and positive thoughts my friends for this weekend. Let the healing begin. 


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