Peaches Prattlings

{September 21, 2016}   Breakfast then back to the grindstone

It was such a great weekend with CKM, do I have to go back to reality?

We had to set an alarm this morning…boo…but we had a schedule to keep. 

I got up first, showered and took my stuff to my next hotel, came back and then we went to Lou Mitchell’s for breakfast, it’s part of where Route 66 starts, they say it starts there at their restaurant.

After breakfast, the one thing we had not done yet, the one mode of transportation left…the El. Off we went, easiest way to get to the airport, traffic can be bad. 

We took the El to the airport, chatted along the way and then it was time to say goodbye, sad, but we’ll see each other again soon.  Who knows where we’ll travel to next!

Back on the El to work, lots going on! Then a team dinner, drinks at a rooftop bar before, a really good dinner then drinks at the hotel. 

Now, I’m ready to crash! Goodnight!!


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