Peaches Prattlings

{September 19, 2016}   Another fabulous day! Museums and football! Top that!

Our last day in Chicago was definitely a memorable one!

We started off at Yolk for breakfast, pretty good if you ask me.

From Yolk, Uber to The Museum of Science and Industry. This was great! There were parts that reminded me of the Boston Museum of Science. 

We saw old wagons, a submarine, airplane, made tornados, watched a cool movie about sharks, planes and trains..just to name a few things!

Then it was time for lunch and on to The Field Museum of Natural History. There, it was dinosaurs, ancient China, ancient Egypt and some really bad pick up lines!

Did they mean this to sound like a pick up line!?

After The Field Museum we headed back to the hotel, drop off some stuff, get Bears hates, we had our shirts…we need to represent!

Back to Soldier Field…joined all the rest of the fans, a good mix of Bears and Eagles fans.  How do I know? Because I don’t think there was anyone not wearing something representing one of the two teams. The seats i got…somewhere in the clouds, also known as Eagles territory! 

we were at the tippy top top row!

An amazing weekend!! Where are we going next????


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