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{September 18, 2016}   Oh my…what a day! Sightseeing…a trip to the ER…more sightseeing!

Yup, you heard right!

CKM and I had a lot to do today! We started by not setting an alarm, definitely! Breakfast then off to see the sights…and boy, did we see them!

We had gotten the Chicago Go pass, that gives us three days to see up to 26 things on the pass.  Will we do all of them? Doubtful but we can try!

First stop was to find the tour both to get tickets for the architectural boat tour. We left the hotel and started walking and I knew where I was, but we were in the wrong location. I we had walked the correct number of blocks,but apparently, I was subconsciously heading to work!

they raise the bridges in the fall to let the talller boats get to where they will be stored for the winter, cool!

So…we took a right and headed down Wacker towards Michigan Avenue and it was a lovely walk along the water. We found the place we were looking for, got our tickets for tonight, activity one, and then headed back down Michigan Avenue looking and taking in the sites. 

the side of the building has stones or pieces of different structures all over the world. 

One of the places we stopped was the Presbyterian church I has spent time at when I visited a few years ago, just stunning. So peaceful, just sitting there enjoying the view, the church bells, the serenity.

This video doesn’t exist

We left the courtyard and as it happens, the Hancock Building was across the street, it was on the pass, so, activity two. It was great, no line, right up and wow, look at that view!

After the Hancock Building we headed towards Navy Pier and stopped at Ohio Street Beach, also known as Olive Street Beach and a snack at Olive Beach Cafe. After our snack, time to put our feet in the water! Ahhhh…

Eventually we got to Navy Pier, score! We got our tickets for the rides, activity three. The Centennial Wheel, which is way bigger than the one they used to have, it was much nicer. This one is on par with the huge wheels they are putting up all over the world. 

After the Centennial Wheel, the carousel, I chose a dragon and CKM was on a zebra. Next, we could have skipped the giant swing, glad we did it last. 

Now, time to walk down to the end of the pier, passing all big boats, party boats, dinner cruises and an arcade.  On the way, we stopped in a stained glass gallery. Tiffany inspired windows, really stunning. 

Then off to the end of the pier to enjoy the view, the sailboats, the lighthouse, the water, ahhh.

It was time for a snack, a pretzel, enjoy the music, the breeze and some good conversation. After a break, we started to head back to the hotel to charge our phones, get a bite to eat and then head to the boat tour. 
We decided to walk along the water and we were on the walking/bike path, it was very crowded in one spot and I heard “look out!” The next thing I know, a red shoulder has connected with my chin, I fell on my personality, heard and felt my head hit the ground. I was stinned, to say the least! 

Then I realized there were a lot of people around us and CKM was telling me not to move, no problem! I laid there while she dislodged my arm from a bicycle and eventually, I sat up, then stood up. My chin hurt and my jaw was killing me!

First thing I checked…my ring and then cell phone!

All of a sudden, two police officers came from somewhere and made me sit down again. They asked if I wanted to go to the hospital, I said no and they were making sure I was ok.  Meanwhile, the kid who I collided with was very nice and apologetic, he wouldn’t leave until he knew I was alright. 

CKM and I eventually walked away in search of a napkin as my hand was bleeding. A food stand owner was kind enough to let me wash my hands in his sink and about that time paramedics and fire fighters showed up, apparently someone had called. 

They wanted to be sure I didn’t have a concussion or problem with tmj. The siren was pathetic! So sad sounding! We had a good laugh about it. 

We got to the hospital and then we waited…and waited…and waited…finally, I reached out to two good friends, one, my neighbor in Atlanta, DG and CH, both medical professionals and in agreement.  I wasn’t concussed, take ibuprofen, ice on and off, and if it gets worse, go back to the ER. Away we went. 

My current injuries…a sore jaw, a swollen chin, I feel like I’m in Jay Leno territory! An extra bump that is turning very dark on my chin, a scraped hand, a small bump on the back of my hard head and a huge lump of a bruise forming on my left hip. Hey, when I go all out, I go all out!

Bottom line…I wanted to show CKM a good time!

Called Uber, made it to the boat tour with minutes to spare! A great tour, good guide, very funny and we learned some stuff! 

After the boat tour, a brisk walk to Sears Tower. No line! Two amazing towers in one day! Activity four!

Every activity has a photographer, of course. If the photos weren’t $20 each, we might be interested. Here’s an idea…make the photos free if you have the pass, or at least half off. Just a thought.

Then to Giordano’s, next block over, for some deep dish pizza for CKM and pasta for me, worth it! 

Back to the hotel to talk to you, then it’s going to be lights out very soon! Are you tired?
What a day! Did you feel like you were with us? You were! I wonder what tomorrow holds! Anything but another trip to the ER!


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