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{September 17, 2016}   Sharing veganism…sigh

As my dad always says..’sharing is caring’.

LJ and I met tonight to get some dinner at Kitchen 17, the vegan place that KP and I went to on Wednesday because she wanted to try the vegan deep dish pizza. 

Guess what they  don’t have on Fridays…deep dish pizza! Noooooo! But they do have scicillian style pizza which is thick, so we ordered that. Odd thing…it was round. But…fabulous! We also ordered spinach and artichoke dip, O M G!! So, two for two at this place! This may be my new favorite vegan place in Chicago. 

After we finished, well, finished as much as we were going to…we decided on a milkshake, equally yum!

As we were waiting on the milkshake, there was a couple next to us who asked how we liked the pizza, we both said it was fabulous and offered them a piece! They declined but asked for vegan recommendations in Chicago, they had just moved there.  He had been in Japan the last two years and she was from Atlanta, what are the odds?

So, we gave her the run down, and it was great having LJ there because even though I’m vegan, I can say something is great, if a non-vegan or meat eater says this food is good, it helps with other people. Some people think when I say something is awesome, it’s just because I can eat it, not true.

I also told them about Happy Cow, the veg-friendly app. You get vegetarian, vegan, veg-friendly and stores. The best part, it’s global, I’ve used it all over the globe!

All in all, a great evening! A good dinner with a friend, sharing vegan options with new friends and now…on my way to pick up CKM at the airport for the weekend! Wahoo!


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