Peaches Prattlings

{September 14, 2016}   I ate deep dish!

​Oh my, but it was fabulous!
I have been getting vegan restaurant recommendations since I got to Chicago and I’ve tried a few of them, so far all good. Tonight I tried another and was not disappointed!

KP and I were going to see sketch comedy and one of the places near the theatre was Kitchen 17, which was on my list and I’m so glad we went!

We ordered a “garbage” deep dish pizza and a buffalo “chicken” sandwich. If you don’t know what a garbage pie is, it’s basically everything, meat and veggies on one piece. The sauce was tangy, which KP loved. It also had ricotta, mozzarellaand some other goodness! 

Since Chicago is known for deep dish pizza and I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to have some, think I was happy? You bet your sweet bippie! 

One of the best parts, aside from having a non-vegan or meat eating friend share..this meat eating friend loved it! So it’s not just me saying it!

Will I be going again? Oh yeah! Want to come with me?



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