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{September 8, 2016}   What a day! Maui, ziplining and a luau, oh my!

It really was a great day! Only thing missing.. PSM, he’s in St Loius for work. 

LJ is in Hawaii this week with her family and we knew we wanted to get tougher, so I flew to Maui this morning on Hawaiian Airlines, it’s a quick 40 minute flight.

We met up at the Hyatt on the other side of the island, I met her bf, JD and her parents, all very lovely people. 

Bathing suits on,  first order of business… the pool. A lovely little  wouldn’t you say? I am still floored at this phone’s  camera!!!

After the pool and the infinity pool, back to the room to change and off to ziplining. Oh my,  so much fun!! I had done some ziplining on a small scale, when i was doing a challenge with a group, but not like this,  amazing! When are we going again?

We did the medium zip, a trek up the mountain in a van, get set up with our equipment, back in the van for the first stop then zip, hike, zip,  hike eight times,  then van, remove equipment,  van back down.

After ziplining, off for margaritas, chips and guac, we worked up quite a thirst and hunger. 

Then back to the hotel too shower and get ready for the big luau! It was awesome! Great entertainment, fire, dancing,  singing,  food! They even made me a vegan plate! 

This video doesn’t exist

After the luau, a nice walk along the beach and dime quality time chatting. Next order of business… passing out!

What’s tomorrow hold??


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