Peaches Prattlings

{August 28, 2016}   A nice memory was triggered

Tonight I played gin. 

I know, you’re wondering how I played a drink, ha ha. No,  silly, I played a card game, some of you might know it as gin -rummy. 

Rummy is a, card game played with seven cards, gin -rumy or just gin, is played with ten. It’s a great game, it takes skill, planning and a lot of luck, you don’t know what hand you’re going to be dealt to begin with and you have to build off of that,  then you don’t  know what cards are coming next in the deck or what your opposition is going to play.

Last night I had the pleasure of playing again after a long time. My opponent was an 11 year old, PN. She was good,  her mom DTN, taught her recently. She was the champ the games to my two wins. 

The nice memory for me was being taught by my grandma M, my mom’s mom, and we would play for hours. There were weekends I stayed with her,  we would play until 2am! 

She was amazing, she knew cards played, what I had put down, She would look at me and say “are you sure you want to play that?” She amazed me!!

I’ve played over the years with different people and I’ve enjoyed it and last night it brought back good memories of my grandma. Sigh…


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